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Making Big Decisions Better - Insights, Applications and Real lIfe Examples

Making Big Decisions Better – Chapter 1

I have been asked often for a concise chapter by chapter overview of my new book – Making Big Decisions Better: how to set and simplify strategy.I will be posting the key question each chapter answers and value it provides along with an executive who endorses the tools.

  • The book has 14 chapters – structured around FIX, BUILD and USE your stratey.
  • 100 pages – practical and to the point.


Here’s what Chapter 1 answers:

FIX: CHAPTER 1 – The absence of shared language: why no one is on the same page

Key Question: Why you need to define strategy for your firm


What Executives say about the book and tools

“Tim Lewko’ s consulting business is practically oriented and directed at leaving the company with tools with which it can help itself to grow the bottom line year on year. He has a practical approach and gets to the core of the issues very quickly. The distillate of his work is always a series of concise actions that can be implemented by the management team to grow the business and its cash flows. The book contains much of Tim’s decades of experiences and many of these tools. It is highly recommended to anyone engaged in the practice of strategy. Also, it is much cheaper than hiring him directly.”

Andrew Warrington

President, United Conveyor Corporation

United States


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