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7 Criteria to Sense Check Your Strategy

Every company has options for growth.  In many cases there is no clear path forward as there are differeing views, judgement and alignment among the executive leaders.  

To elevate your analysis and lead with objectivity rather than bias –  test your current strategy and potential strategic alternatives using the criteria outlined in Figure 1 below by following three steps:

  1. *Weight the Six Criteria (10 being high – 1 being low – relative to how you view the importance of each


  1. *Evaluate Each Strategic Alternatives and Score them Relative to how well they satisfy each of the criteria (10 is High to O being low in terms of how well the alternatives perform in relation to the criteria).


  1. *Multiply the Criteria Weight by the Score for each of the alternatives and total the Scores. Any percentage below 75% of the perfect score warrants could be immediately eliminated and /or requires a deeper dive in to figuring out why the gaps exist in your strategic alternatives and what you can do to resolve them. The score means that the individual or team has only met 75% of the critical 6 criteria that tell them how robust(valid and viable) their strategy is.

Figure 1  Template and Sample Criteria to Test Evaluate Your Current Strategy and New Options for Consideration

Alternatively – involve your strategic leadership team and invite them to score and weight the process independently.

You may be surprised by the level of alignment you have ( or don’t have)

In any case, you now have a roadmap to guide improvements in your strategic alternatives and are using data driven decision making versus who politics  as your strategy evaluation approach.

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