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Making Big Decisions Better - Insights, Applications and Real lIfe Examples

If you’re a rising star in your company…you need to build your leadership toolkit – starting with this.

One question I consistently ask upcoming leaders I work with is:

What is your process for setting strategy?

I ususally get one of three responses:

  1. I don’t have one
  2. Should I have one?
  3. What do you mean by the question?

These responses lay bare the gap apparent in many organization’s today ….everyone wants a winning strategy, business model or start-up – but few can spell out the set of steps to develop one.

  1. A Suggestion for Rising Stars or HI-PO’s in organizations

Any leader that is successful must set the nature and direction company, engage its employees and be able to make course corrections.  If you don’t have a process (i.e. framework, set of steps, recipe) you use or your company uses to develop, plan, implement and course correct strategy  – you need to get one.


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