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3 Reasons Rising Executives Fail

 There are three categories of executives – inherenty gifted or boot strap earned – that make it to the mind of senior leadership. And those who never will ( 3 groups)

Perhaps…you are one or you are evaluating one who is on that path.  While much is written on doing the right things to maintain  this trajectory – less is written on why they fail.   Based on conversations this week I was asked to comment on why executives who seem to be on the fast track to success, career opporutnities and writing their own ticket —-fail

Here are – without a doubt – those gaps that cause the shortfall.

1. No Spidey Sense – awareness of what situation is unfolding and / or what people are really saying – called it executive awareness  – instead they are attuned only to whatever mirrors their version of the story.  A tradgedy in the making – especially when the  talent that around them should fortify – there is never ONE WAY ….there are many ways and they always involve people.

2. Lack of Transportable Tools

This means –  the method for Leading, Seting Strategy and Running operations – is hit and miss – it needs to be a repeatable recipe.  The best executives can be transported to a new assignment in another country, shift to a new company within their industry or be asked to lead a company outside of their industry – and despite all the challenges – they find success again..again…and again.



– how to assess and evaluate people, how  set and implemente strategy and how to get a pulse on the operations – this suite of success  – is a blend of learned and honed tools that they have made their own. ‘

They recongize –

business is business,

people are people and

leadership is  leadershp

and all have a repeatable recipe.  The ones who fail are flapping in the wind trying to reset themselves to circumstanc – which never works.

3. Humility – I said it before and will add again – the best CEO’s get over themselves, understand the mandate to set nature and direction of the business and realize – it’s best to surround yourself with great people.   Not new – but timeless.

If you want help more insights or some coaching on how to bolster or bust these points for yourself – please drop me a line.

Best Tim


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