practical points to quickly identify why and how you can most effectively use this book

FIX: CHAPTER 1 - The absence of shared language: why no one is on the same page

Why you need to define strategy for your firm

FIX: CHAPTER 2: Mistaken identity: strategy is a decision-making process, not an event

Why a common approach and process for strategy in your business is critical

FIX: CHAPTER 3 - Outsourcing strategy: don’t bypass sweat equity

Why you shouldn’t let consultants do your strategic thinking.

FIX: CHAPTER 4 - Forgetting about profit: why is there no vice president of profitability?

Why strategy needs to be about delivering more sustainable profit.

FIX: CHAPTER 5 - Mixed up on metrics: when was the answer ever “have more metrics”?

Why many companies have poor metrics and how to fix this.

FIX: CHAPTER 6 - Vague Latitude: assumed buy-in from boards to employees

Why boards and CEOs should set better defined parameters when developing a new strategy

BUILD: CHAPTER 7 - Introduction to TDG’s strategy system: what to create, why and how

How to develop 3 tools that comprise the strategy system to set and manage your business

BUILD: CHAPTER 8 - Strategic Assumptions and Implications: connect outside to inside

How you need to make the critical few assumptions visible – despite changing environments – you have more control over your future than you believe

BUILD: CHAPTER 9 - Product Market Capability (PMC) Engine: creating the economic control center for setting strategy and making big decisions

How to develop the most powerful decision making tool for strategy – and connect it to the financials that make the impact of your choices real.

BUILD: CHAPTER 10 - Goals and Gaps: how to find and fixate on the few goals that matter

How to define and focus on the true strategic goals that underpin the nature and direction of your company – and remove the clutter or shiny object syndrome.

USE: CHAPTER 11: Introduction to using the system: how to practically use the tools, get the most from your team and deliver business results

Setting strategy is half the battle, this section shows you have to embed the tools into your organization in days – not months!

USE: CHAPTER 12: Test your strategy: seven CEO punchlist criteria that need to be considered

No strategy is perfect – learn how to pressure-test your strategy and find areas to mitigate and accelerate.

USE: CHAPTER 13: Reinstate root cause: cause is king for sustaining results

Why finding cause of both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE gaps in your Revenue, Cost and Profit will boost you bottom line immediately.

USE: CHAPTER 14: Check in quarterly: use it or lose it

How to change your quarterly reviews from presentation to resolution format – using the tools you created in the TDG Strategy System


great book to send to your HIPOs and any P&L owner